The First Test

Random Story

One sunny day there was a family of five. A father, a mother, and 3 children. The son’s names were Ace and Shade they were twins. Mare, the daughter was 2 years older than her brothers. They lived an average life, until one day their lives changed forever.

   Mare has always been close with her friends Barb. They did everything together. They went to movies together; they went to parties. But their favorite was to throw the neighborhood’s Halloween party.  Mare and her brothers always had the best ideas for the Halloween party, and this year, their house would become a haunted house. They would even throw in a terrifying murder mystery.

     But before we talk about their party, let’s go back about two months, to the middle of August, on the first day of school. As usual, Barb and Mare met at the coffee shop to walk to school together. But this time there was someone else there too. Barb introduced him as Marcel, her (hot, chocolate) cousin from England, who will now be accompanying them to the same school. Since he moved to the US, he has been spending a lot of time with the girls. They did things like bowling, movies, and Disney. One day the three friends were at a movie, when Barb had to go home, leaving Mare and Marcel alone. They finished the movie and walked home together; nothing really happened. But that’s not what Mare’s over protective baby brother Ace suspected.

      After the movie, they realized how fun it was and began spending more time together. Meanwhile, Ace was filled with furywhat were Marcel and Mare doing alone in the theater that night? His paranoia eventually got the best of him, filling him with animosity for Marcel.

       Ace didn’t have time to think about it, he had to get home and do his Trigonometry Homework. His thoughts were interrupted by his brother, Shade. He ran to his brother and they talked as they walked home. Just as they were passing a construction site, Shade brought up Marcel’s name. He kept talking about how Marcel was helping him with his Algebra and helping him get girls. Ace’s rage was continuing to build up.

Why didn’t Shade ask me for help in math? It’s my best subject. I could help him with girls, we have psychic twin power.

          Ace couldn’t hold it in any longer. He spat at Shade, “Why do you hang out with that scum of the earth Marcel!!! I’m your twin for God’s sake, ask me for help!” He pushed Shade down. “It’s my life! You don’t have a say in it!”

           Shade hurls himself on his brother pushing him to the ground. They wrestle each other on the ground, punching each other while rolling toward the construction site. Unknowingly they were fighting on the edge of a large ditch. Shade was the stronger of the two. It always felt good to know he could beat his brother at something. He was filled with pride, but his arrogant thoughts were interrupted when his brother disappeared. He had fallen, fallen into the ditch they hadn’t noticed. SSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDEEEEEEEE————————!!!!!!!!! The last face Ace ever saw was a look of horror on his brothers face as he disappeared into the distance.

               Everyone was setting up for Halloween party at the house. Mare was finishing up her Bonnie costume eagerly awaiting to see how Marcel looks in his Clyde costume. Shade, who had come home a little later than usual snuck in and started to get ready. The doorbell rang. Leaping with joy Mare slid down the stair railing to answer the door. It was Marcel and Barb. Marcel looked so hot in his Clyde costume, it outlined his scrumptious abs. Barb was dressed as Fiona from Shrek. Behind them was the entire neighborhood ready to get their Halloween on. Some of them were there for the food, some were getting ready for the murder mystery, and others were out dancing, until the neighbors filed a disturbance complaint. Shade came down to join the party in his vampire costume. Mare was excited for the party but she wanted her brothers to put on the magic show they been practicing. She found Shade, but he said Ace got a ride from Marcel. He was weird; he seemed a little shaken. Oh well. Marcel went to the murder mystery, but eventually Mare found him. She asked him where her brother was and he said he hasn’t seen him all day. By this time, she was starting to worry. Her thoughts were interrupted by a horrifying scream. Barb came in to explain that she got lost in the neighborhood looking for her younger brother when she discovered a body in the ditch.

               A few hours later, the police identified the body as Ace. Everyone blamed Marcel because he had supposedly been the last to see him. They had considered that Shade might have lied. But they saw no fault in him. Besides, who would kill their own brother. Mare’s heart was broken after finding out that Marcel was not the man she thought she knew. It was all too much. She thought over her life, and wrote one last diary entry before pulling the trigger on her father’s hand gun.  

              Marcel did have a trial but he was found guilty of first-degree man slaughter. He was sentenced to 15 years in prison. After finding out about Mare’s death he no longer cared where he would spend the rest of his life because he knew he could never spend it with her.

              Shade was left with the guilt of killing his only brother, he lived out the rest of his life (If it could even be considered a life.) locked up in penitentiary. The burden of knowing he had taken a life. Took its toll on Shade. He was driven over the edge towards insanity. When he lifted his hands against his brother he never knew that he himself would die alone.

            Then there was Barb, who lied about a few things. Marcel wasn’t really her cousin, but she introduced him as that, knowing that they would all spend time together. That eventually they would fall in love because Marcel admitted his feelings to Barb. Barb was aware of Ace’s over protective tendencies. She told Shade that Marcel and Mane went alone to the theater. And that they did that behind his back on purpose. That way she would have Shade all to herself. But the plan went wrong. She watched as Ace was accidentally thrown to his death. Not wanting her precious Shade to be blamed, she stepped in. Pinning the blame on Marcel was their only option, no one really knew him. He was an easy target. By arriving at the party early Barb wouldn’t be suspected. Shade only had to be placed at the party to raise no suspicion. They would them mange to pin the blame on Marcel and they would be left blameless.